Welcome to Recovery Devon Resources

This is a new library and we are still learning and building it. We hope it will become ever easier to use.

If you have been redirected here after searching for a document - go to RESOURCES and SEARCH from there. Sorry, but we had to move the whole library and had no way to automatically redirect to the right document.

The Basics

You may select Collections. This will provide a list of items from that collection. Collections are items that are related. We have tried to group things in a way which makes sense, although sometimes a document could easily belong to many collections.

You may also select Resources. These are simply ALL the items in our library.

Once selected, you may then SEARCH either the collection, or the whole library.

You may search by keyword, title or author, or many other options. Searches will also look within the descriptions. This should make it fairly easy to find what you need.

We will be adding resources as time allows. Please feel free to suggest resources you feel would be useful by emailing us.