Five Ways To Wellbeing - Getting the message across

Evidence-based guidance for promoting mental health and resilience.

The widespread interest in and concern for mental and emotional wellbeing in the population poses some key questions. Beyond ensuring the availability of effective mental health care and treatment how could mental health be promoted? If the emphasis is to be on promoting wellbeing rather than treating illness or merely ‘coping’ or ‘getting by’ what could be said with confidence? Is there a comparable message to the ‘5 a day’ (fruit and vegetables) for physical health which seemed to have successfully engaged with public awareness? What could people be encouraged and advised to do in order to enhance their own wellbeing that was practical, available and free?

Glenn Roberts, Rani Bora, Emma Hoerning, Ann Ley, Melanie Long

Five Ways To Wellbeing - Getting the message across
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  • Create Date 24 January 2021