For Individuals

Resources useful for people who are in recovery, such as advice on self-care, tools to aid recovery and recovery stories.


Putting Recovery At The Heart Of All We Do
2.38 MB 3545 downloads

A guide to values, principles, practices and standards, Supporting mental health and social care networks in Devon and Torbay. This...

Five Ways Quick Cards
97.32 KB 1555 downloads

A set of postcards describing each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing Taken from the report presented to the Foresight Project...

Mental Health & Debt 2017
686.59 KB 1057 downloads

The Guide to Mental Health & Debt Help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers. Before...

A Personal Guide to the 5 ways to wellbeing
536.55 KB 974 downloads

This booklet has been designed to support people in taking action to have a healthier and more satisfying life. The ‘5...

Tamasin Knight - Beyond Belief
905.78 KB 1427 downloads

Alternative Ways of Working with Delusions, Obsessions and Unusual Experiences This book explores ways of helping people...

Recovery into Practice Newsletter Dec 3rd 2010
285.65 KB 1034 downloads

Promoting Recovery: What’s Love Got to Do With It? One of the key ways in which recovery-oriented practice has been distinguished...

Recovery Rocks
150.44 KB 534 downloads

A poem from a Recovery Poetry Workshop. Matt asked the group collectively to commit to writing a poem about what they felt...

Riding The Storms
2.86 MB 1255 downloads

Our second anthology of recovery stories. Storms are a part of life. One storm passes and we can almost guarantee another...

Making Recovery a Reality
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An article exploring the possibilities, origins and hope for Recovery focused work. ‘Recovery’ is an idea whose time...

Living With Psychosis
1.40 MB 1146 downloads

The authors use the word ''psychosis'' to describe experiences outside of shared reality, such as voices, visions and an...

A Companion Guide To Leaving Hospital
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This booklet is written by people who have experienced leaving hospital. We know it can be a daunting time of change that...

No decision about us without us
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A guide for people who use mental health services, carers and the public, to accompany the implementation framework for...