For Organisations

Useful resources for groups and organisations looking to understand or implement recovery practices.


Peer to Peer - Mental Health Today, Feb 2008
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Article from the February 2008 edition of "Mental Health Today." Intentional Peer Support founders Shery Mead and Chris Hansen...

Beyond The Storms
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A collection of creative and biographical writing from people who have experienced mental health illness. These stories look...

Five Ways To Wellbeing - Getting the message across
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Evidence-based guidance for promoting mental health and resilience. The widespread interest in and concern for mental and...

Developing Recovery Oriented Practice
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A guide to writing reports and letters. If we are to ‘Put recovery at the heart of all we do’ that includes our written...

A Checklist of Good Practice
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A Checklist of Good Practice from service users The Care Programme Approach and Recovery Developed from the consultation...

Adult Mental Health Services In Devon
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The purpose of this report ‘Mental Health Services in Devon: A high level recovery assessment’ is to: assess the recovery...

100 ways to support recovery 2nd Ed.
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This book offers 100 practical ways in which mental health staff can work in a person-centred and recovery-oriented way. This...

Putting Recovery At The Heart Of All We Do
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A guide to values, principles, practices and standards, Supporting mental health and social care networks in Devon and Torbay. This...

Five Ways Quick Cards
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A set of postcards describing each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing Taken from the report presented to the Foresight Project...

Mental Health & Debt 2017
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The Guide to Mental Health & Debt Help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers. Before...

Voicing Caregiver Experiences
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Wellbeing and Recovery Narratives for Caregivers This project, jointly run by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and...

Recovery orientated prescribing
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Recovery orientated prescribing & medicines management project - putting recovery at the heart of everything. What does putting...