Peer Support

Peer support looks to develop groups and practices which are led and shaped by the people who will benefit from them. It means that real, lived experience helps create services to meet community needs.


Peer to Peer - Mental Health Today, Feb 2008
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Article from the February 2008 edition of "Mental Health Today." Intentional Peer Support founders Shery Mead and Chris Hansen...

Peer Support - What is it and does it work?
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Summarising evidence from more than 1000 studies. People, families and communities can play a key role in managing their...

Mental health peer support in England
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Mental health peer support in England: Piecing together the jigsaw. One of Mind’s key objectives in its 2012–2016 strategy...

Recovery Devon Peer-Support Handbook
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Useful ideas and information for those considering starting a peer support group While not a comprehensive guide, this handbook...