Research and Reports

Research into and reports on Recovery or related areas which looks at what recovery is, what it means, how it works, recovery values and similar topics.


Evaluation of Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme
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Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme The aims of the evaluation were to assess...

Mental Health and Wellbeing Networks - Devon & Torbay
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Summary and recommendations of the pilot project 2008/9 The aim of this pilot project was to explore processes for measuring:...

Language, Stigma, Stories - Their Role in Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Language matters. The language that people use to describe themselves and others, matters. This is true for every-one. Our...

Five Ways To Wellbeing - A snapshot
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A review of the most up-to-date evidence suggests that building the following five actions into our day-to-day lives is important...

Five Ways To Wellbeing - Getting the message across
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Evidence-based guidance for promoting mental health and resilience. The widespread interest in and concern for mental and...

Peer Support - What is it and does it work?
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Summarising evidence from more than 1000 studies. People, families and communities can play a key role in managing their...

Moving towards ‘Recovery at the heart of all we do’
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Workforce development and the contribution of ‘lived experience’. On June 5th 2008 Devon Partnership NHS Trust hosted...

Recovery – Concepts and application
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A table explaining each Recovery concept. ...

Recovery in a nutshell
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What does it mean and what are the implications for future practice and services? The present interest in ‘Recovery’...

Developing Recovery Oriented Practice
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A guide to writing reports and letters. If we are to ‘Put recovery at the heart of all we do’ that includes our written...

Steps towards recovery-based services
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Research, plan and pilot for implementing DREEM at the Russell Clinic, including Aims, background, action plans and evidence. Russell...

Report for the Devon Recovery Learning Community Steering Group
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Why have some staff tutors stepped back from continued contribution to co-leading courses? Background Co-production is a...